• The Stepfather (2009)

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 stars)

    Runtime: 102 minutes

    Main Actors: Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Amber Heard

    Director: Nelson McCormick

    Writers: J.S. Cardone, Donald Westlake, Carolyn Lefcourt, Brian Garfield

    Summary: Jerry Blake has many different aliases. After he murders his wife and kids, he moves on to a new woman, Susan Harding, as David Harris. After he moves in with his new fiancee, her son, Michael, comes home from military school. When a neighbor across the street figures out something is wrong, “David” murders her. Michael begins to suspect and involves his girlfriend, Kelly Porter, who thinks he is just paranoid. No one is safe. Who will survive? *dramatic music*

    Critique: I thought this was a great thriller; not too scary for the weak-hearted and not too gory for the weak-stomached. Although there were some plot holes and it was a bit predictable, it was directed and filmed perfectly. The acting was great and the suspense was better. It really left you rooting for Michael and hoping he lives. Although it was predictable, it was still satisfying. The ending was great and made you want to see more.


  • 1 year ago
  • Student Seduction (2003)

    Rating: ☆ (4 stars)

    Runtime: 120 Minutes

    Main Actors: Elizabeth Berkley, Corey Sevier and Rick Roberts

    Director: Peter Svatek

    Writer: Edithe Swensen

    Summary: A high school Chemistry teacher, Christie Dawson, starts tutoring a student, Josh Gaines, after school. Soon, rumours begin spreading about their relationship and that it might be a little too close. Josh Gaines starts getting too close and Christie Dawson becomes concerned. Josh Gaines states that Christie Dawson came onto him, but which side will everyone believe?

    Critique: This tear-jerking story was absolutely fantastic. The acting was stunning. The plot line was perfect. This sad story of an assaulted teacher truly makes one question the dependability of the legal system. Although, some of the director’s choices were questionable, it was a fantastic movie. 


  • 1 year ago